The gift that keeps on giving

It’s that time of year again … and everyone here at Montesano’s would like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season!

WP_20141124_002Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? How about a Montesano’s gift card? It works just like the pre-paid gift cards you’ll find in any store, but with one gigantic difference: Instead of paying a few dollars to activate it like with the pre-paid credit cards – when you purchaseĀ a Montesano’s gift card, the user gets 10 percent off of their order every time, just by paying with the card!

Because it’s reloadable and the 10 percent offer is always good, it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving! Not to mention that the recipient of your stocking stuffer will get stuffed themselves when they are treated to an amazing and memorable meal. You’ll fill their hearts as well as their stomach, so come down and take care of some people on your list … and while you’re here, enjoy some of our delicious and authentic Italian food.

A great gift without the hassle of busting down doors before dawn on Black Friday, and it’s something everyone can enjoy.

Montesano’s can also help make your family’s holiday get-together special by catering your meal! Check out our website for details.

Have a festive holiday season and from all of us, here’s to a prosperous 2015. We look forward to serving you at Montesano’s – Where Love Has A Taste!